Subject: Re: Update-Contemplating India
Hi Ken and other Ziners!

When I first went to India five or so years ago, I used a local Delhi travel person, Sanjay Abraham, at Eastwind Tours & Travel: eastwind @ (close spaces). He will arrange whatever you want. For us it was good as we did not want the usual touristy hotels and the like. We got some ok and some really nice places along with good guides, train travel and the itinerary of our choice, eg: I wanted to visit Lucknow which was where the independence movement began.

Last time I was in India - last year - I went with Explore Worldwide, a British company, quite reasonable and does 2-3* hotels; booked through Max:16 people.

Also a good group to investigate in a Dutch run company: I seriously considered them. Similiar to Explore though maybe a bit more upscale; not much though. They also have small groups.

Good luck with your trip! I have hopes of returning to India - it's a fascinating country once over culture shock.

Jo in Sunnyvale, CA