Subject: Re: Weekend in Chicago
Hi Sue,

I'll recommend several places on the North Side of Chicago. All of them are small neighborhood hotels, mostly likely with just a simple continental breakfast, if that. But all are within walking distance of decent cafes and diners.

Majestic Hotel 528 W. Brompton (Very close to bus lines downtown, and to Montrose Harbor.)

The Willows Hotel 555 W. Surf (Close to restaurants, shopping, and bus lines to downtown)

City Suites Hotel 933 W. Belmont (on a major commercial street, and steps from the Elevated train to downtown)

All three of the above are affiliated, and share a web site:

There is also a nice Best Western in the same neighborhood as the above, (Lakeview). It is close to lots of public transportation (buses and the El), and relatively close to Montrose Harbor.

Finally I know of only one B&B that somewhat fits your need, but I think it's less convenient than any of the above.

Joel, in Chicago