Subject: Skyscraper vistas
Hi Ziners,

I've just read a list of the top 10 skyscrapers (in the journalist's opinion) from which to view a city and find the idea intriguing.

The list includes: Taiwan: Taipei 101; Chicago: Sears Tower; New York City: Empire State Building; Hong Kong: Central Plaza; Dubai: Burj al Arab; Kuala Lumpur: Petronas Towers; Atlanta: Bank of America Plaza; Los Angeles: US Bank Tower; Shanghai: Jin Mao Tower; Houston: JPMorgan Chase Tower.

Ziners have written about the best views in Paris (Eiffel Tower, the top of Le Printemps department store) but there haven't been a lot of other ideas.

In Toronto, the obvious choice is the CN Tower, though the Harbour Castle Hilton, the Park Plaze Hotel and Scaramouche restaurant also offer lovely views.

Ideas on where to see your favourite cities, towns, etc., from a high point?

Lucy, Toronto