Subject: Vancouver area advice
Hello Ziners;

It looks like we're finally going to make it back to Vancouver Island to spend some time In the Pacific Rim area. (Tofino/Ucluelet) We have our bookings for those spots, but intend to head up to Whistler for a couple of days at the end of our trip.

My question is, should we book one night in North Vancouver area and spend a day revisiting that area of Vancouver (we'll be able to do other areas later if we wish when we stay in Richmond prior to flying out) or -- head straight to Whistler? My concern is that 3 nights in Whistler might be a little long. Any opinions? Any definite must see/dos in the North Vanc. area other than trying not to lose my cookies on that dratted Capilano bridge!!!?

Also, recommendations for hotels/motels in either North or West Vancouver, plus Whistler would be appreciated. We tend to be rather boring in our choices sometimes -- I know there's a Residence Inn at Whistler and do enjoy their breakfasts, but am open to other considerations. We haven't booked past the island yet as I'm sure there will be lots of availability. (Famous last words!)

Thanks muchly for any opinions and suggestions.