Subject: Eating and Traveling
Good afternoon Ziners -

I thought I'd start a new thread here. What have been some of your most interesting/delicious/unusual meals eaten when traveling? Also, do you have any memorable restaurants on your list you'd like to pass on to fellow travelers?

One of the best meals we ever had was in Tobago in a garage attached to someone's house. It was recommended by a local cab driver who took us there a day previous to our evening reservation. We had to leave a "deposit" so they could purchase the ingredients for the dinner. The food was excellent, especially the pumpkin soup, and was served on mismatched dishes with mismatched cutlery and glassware. We were the only customers. The cabbie came and picked us up, delivered us and came back and got us at the end of the meal. It was all done on faith and they delivered.

The most unusual meal I've ever eaten was in Tehuacan, Mexico. My daughter went with me to visit our son who was on Rotary student exchange for a year. We were served sheep spine in molé sauce - I had a mere taste but my daughter just couldn't eat it. Jason, my son, lapped it up and said it was considered a local delicacy and one sucks the marrow from the bones.

We also had a fantastic meal in a "cave" in the Loire Valley on a private tour some years ago with lots of wine and I remember we all ended up singing the Marsellaise (sp??), the French national anthem and none of us knew the words!

As far as the most beautiful locale, we had dinner at Maxim's in Paris on that same trip - it cost us an arm and a leg but have never regretted it.

Pat, Ontario