Subject: Re: Chicago King Tut Exhibition
Hello Elaine and Ziners.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your posting just after mine regarding a weekend in Chicago. I was quite disappointed when I saw the exhibit is next May. Having been to a Monet Exhibition in Chicago a few years ago I really knew that if it were on now I would never get a ticket! We decide on the Monet trip at rather short notice, the exhibition was sold out but we managed to get tickets as part of a hotel package. The Art Institute must release a number of tickets every day to hotels as the concierge told us someone went to line up everyday. It worked well for us so perhaps you could check to see if the Field Museum also market package deals.

I would book as soon as possible as it is bound to be very popular. We checked out the hotel suggestions Joel made but there is no room at any of them at this late date. As Lisa said, transportation is good so we have booked a Best Western to the North of the Yacht Club and Tony will run me to the bus or train each morning. We will be driving from Toronto so I have a car available but would rather take public transit if possible. Last time we visited Marshall Fields and Filene's, where I bought some great outfits at knock down prices, we took a bus out to Oak Park to see the Frank Lloyd Wright House and Museum, which I enjoyed very much, heard some great jazz and ate some wonderful meals. We missed out on the walking tour of the Skyscrapers as it was raining to hard. I will be sure to take it this time.

The Art Institute is a must. We had very little time after our allotted time at the Monet exhibit but spent it running around the galleries to see our favourite pictures from their collection before closing time. I hope to take it at a more ladylike pace this trip. I am really looking forward to my visit and will be watching to see what other suggestions you get. I only have two full days to fill while Tony is sailing. How did I ever have time to work? Thanks for your help Lisa and Joel.

Regards Sue, Waterloo ON