Subject: Re: Flying to New Zealand
Hi Ziners,

I am taking a Heritage Expeditions tour to Antarctica and the sub Antarctic islands. We sail from Invercargill, NZ on Feb. 10 and return on Mar. 11. We will see the Ross Ice Shelf area of the continent.

I need help in deciding which airline to fly. I will leave from Los Angeles, as I will spend a day with a friend there. Are a day or two each in Auckland and Christchurch worth taking on the way to Invercargill? Is it fairly easy to travel from each of those airports into town and what sights should not be missed? Can anyone recommend moderately priced hotels?

I hope to take a separate trip to NZ in the future, but as long as I'm passing through, I might as well take advantage of it without lengthening my trip too much.

Carrie Bardonia, NY