Subject: Re: Travel bloopers
Hi Lucy and Ziners,

Travel Blooper - Venice

We spent 5 days in Venice and I wanted to visit the Jewish quarter.

Everyday, we seemed to wander to every neighborhood but that one, so on our last day, I said, we HAVE to make it there today. Since it was our last day in Venice we ran around to places we had missed. I looked at my watch and it was 4:00 and realized our window of time to get to the Jewish quarters was closing. We stopped what we were doing and headed over there.

When we got there, places were starting to shut down and I was getting very disappointed. I didn't understand why things were closing. I went into the synagogue, which I had wanted to see and then suddenly was FRIDAY....SHABBOS! Everything closes down for the sabbath! Aarrgghh!!! What a drag...I felt like an idiot!

When we travel, I alway lose track of the day of the week and Friday evening is not a good time to visit the Jewish quarter and expect things to be open! :-(

Candice NYC