Subject: Re: Toronto accommodations
Jan, Linda has provided some good leads on Bed and Breakfast accommodation. For a downtown location of a small hotel, you can't beat the Hotel Victoria (as previously recommended).

There is also the Vanderkooy Bed & Breakfast at 53 Walker Ave., which Fodor's rates as very good. Walker is 15 minutes from Union Station on the subway with a direct line (no subway changes or bus connections). I'm biased because I live in this neighbourhood - but it's a great location - and the area is beautiful in May when the trees are in bloom.

Here is the link:

As for ideas about what to see and do in a day, tell us your preferences so we can help you to narrow down the choices.

Also, don't forget to get a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) day pass so you can hop on and off the transit system to get you around.

Finally, Toronto area Ziners love to GTG, so closer to the time you may want to call for one. You have to eat, so you may as well do it with fellow Ziners! Lucy, Toronto