Subject: Re: Toronto and another question
Hi Everyone,

Thanks very much for your helpful suggestions for Toronto. I am sure that we'll find something there. As we have just booked our flights we are starting to plan our Canada/USA holiday for next May/June. Over the next few weeks, I'll be asking for lots more advice. We were in Toronto on 9/11 so didn't see very much as things were closed. We like museums & galleries and anything to do with the history of Canada but my husband can't walk huge distances. We took a general bus City Tour 4 years ago but maybe a different one would be the thing.

Travelling from Toronto to Edson on the Canadian we would quite like to get off and catch the train again 2 days later. Which places on the way are worth a visit? We wondered about Winnipeg or would we be better taking another train first to Montreal or Quebec?

Our holiday lasts from May7th-June8th so we have plenty of time but lots of places we have to visit including Nebraska. I'll keep the questions about the second half of the journey till later!

Thanks again, Jan Scotland