Subject: Re: Questions on Florence, Italy
Hi Diana,

I am just back from Florence, and I think that my answers are going to be pretty similar to what Graciela and Linda have told you already.

- I wouldnīt visit the Michelangelo house. I think there are far better places (and not everybody agrees that it was the original house ...).

- If you have time, squeeze a visit to the Bargello museum. It closes at 13:50, but it doesnīt have queues usually and it is pretty good.

- If you donīt have time for the Bargello, get lunch at one of the places near Santa Croce, maybe Cafe Italiano near Vivoli if they have finished the renovations.

- I checked before going there, and in other to get to the Vasari Corridor, you had to enter the Uffizi, and book the tour ... and it was too much work and time and we were staying in Florence for 5 days, so I cannot imagine doing it with only 3 hours and a half.

- I wouldnīt go to the Pitti Palace (specially because you mention that itīs your first time in Italy), and I would concentrate on this side of the Arno.

- Instead of entering the cathedral, go to the Baptistery and maybe the Benozzo Gozzoli chapel in the Medici-Riccardi palace. Both amazing places and without a lot of queues.

- Is your daughter sure about Pisa? Not my fave place to go, except to check on the Leaning Tower and leave on the train for the lovely town of Lucca ... ;)

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain