Subject: Guatemala Maya
Greetings Ziners, John,

Last April my wife and I explored all of the major Maya sites in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. This March, we are planning a trip to Guatemala and Belize to see the Maya ruins. We will use Flores and either Belize City or Belmopan as our bases of operation. We hope to visit Tikal, Naranjo, Holmul, Uaxactun and Dos Pilas in Guatemala. In Belize we will explore Caracol, Buenavista del Cayo and Barton Ramie. We are not planning on taking tours but are keeping our options open.

Are you taking a tour or doing the trip on your own? If a tour, what company? How long will you be gone? Are you concerned about safety in Guatemala....most things I read make the country sound a little scary.

Please post any Guatemala information and of course, please don't forget to take good notes and please post a trip report when you return!! Travel is always an adventure....and your trip sounds great!

Thanks, Frank in California