Subject: France: gas prices, special events, etc.
Hello to all you happy Ziners,

Especially to Evan, or any Ziners in France or recent travellers there. We will be flying to France 9/27, training to Avignon on 10/3, where we pick up our rental car - a Peugeot compact. I'm wondering if the things that have triggered our extremely high fuel prices are doing the same in France, since I understand up to 60% of their price at the pump is taxes. If anyone can give me some idea of current prices, I'd love it.

Also, in terms of dealing with dollars here, rather than ATM's and credit cards there, I'm booking everything ahead that I can. Does anyone know where I can learn about special events, festivals, shows, etc. in the next month or so that we might want to book ahead? I know there are websites to help with that info, but I've misplaced what I need to know. Will appreciate all help.

Lou in Lakeway, TX, planning to pack light as we countdown to the big day

Mod's note from Linda: Lou, here's a festivals site: