Subject: Re: Oz - Perth & Margaret River
Hi Paul,

Many thanks for the itinerary suggestions.

As I understand it, Margaret River is south of Perth. So where does Albany fit in location-wise? I'm not clear from your post if you mean to tell me that it's near the Stirling Ranges winery area.

What is viticulture?

What does unobtrusive accomodation mean? An image of a place like Silky Oaks Lodge comes to mind where each room is a tree-house in the forest. Are you refering to something like that? Sounds great!

I've read that Pemberton is a popular place to visit. Thanks for confirming that. So what's the name of the classy motel there?

Our plan was to be in Western Australia for about a week, with 3 days in Perth and 3 days in Margaret River. So I need an itinarary that we can do in about that period of time. All in all, we'll be in Australia for about 2.5 weeks.

We'll also visit Sydney, Melbourne and northern Queensland.

Thanks for your input. I've printed it up.

Candice NYC