Subject: Re: Beyond Amsterdam
Hi Linda and other Ziners who are thinking of "going Dutch" in the near future,

I totally agree with you that there is more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam and surroundings. Yes, Amsterdam is the capital city and a lot of "stuff that gets into the tourist guidebooks" of the "Low Lands" are in the vicinity of Amsterdam. But I can assure you that Holland is not all cheese, windmills, tulips, Anne Frank and "ladies with a summery dress sense all year round"

What about the wonderful architecture of Rotterdam, totally destroyed by the war, but wonderfully rebuilt with some very interesting features, like the cubus houses?

What about the lovely old cities of Delft, Breda and 's Hertogenbosch? What about Vaals in the most Southern part of the country where there is a point which allows you to stand in three countries at once (with a little imagination that is of course) namely Holland, Belgium and Germany.

There is certainly more to Holland, or The Netherlands than meets most overseas visitor and I hope that anyone who is planning to visit the country in the not too distant future will dare to venture outside the safe environs of Amsterdam and all its attractions and visit some of the lesser known sites, sights and sounds that make up this little country by the sea.....

Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel (I may be living in Spain, but my roots are firmly in Rotterdam)