Subject: Scotland Trip
Hi Ziners,

I just returned from a two and a half week trip to Scotland. Every year I travel to England with my mother as we are both avid anglophiles but this year we decided to try Scotland.

For the most part we had beautiful weather. When we were in the Highlands, it was over 70 degrees (fahrenheit) for five days! The heather was in full bloom so the mountains were gorgeous and the some of the waterfalls off the mountains were awesome. I took so many pictures I had to buy a new card for my camera.

We stayed at some great B&Bs so if anyone is looking for recommendations, let me know. There is a fantastic one (a bit pricey but so worth it) on the Isle of Skye. I have to say the highlights of the trip were: Loch Lomond, Fort Augustus and its canal locks, Stirling, Oban, Skye, Edinburgh and all the drives we took along the coasts. We didn't get to the Border Country (next year) or the far northern Highlands, we just didn't have enough time!

We flew Northwest and KLM and had no problems with the mechanics being on strike at NWA.

We took No Jet Lag and had great success with it. I would highly recommend it.

Tracey Saint Paul, Minnesota