Subject: Re: Considering China
Hi Dot and Fellow Ziners,

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to China. While I cannot comment specifically on Ritz Tours this may be a situation that you get what you pay for. We noticed, for example, that the low end tours often went to restaurants that were considerably different in terms of the quality and quantity of what was offered.

While there did not seem to be much difference in terms of the hotels that were used, when it came to "better" accomodatons, the low end tours did not always get them. Group guides are assigned by the Chinese government and I don't think that there was any difference in terms of high end vs. low end tours. My colleagues who went on higher end tours simply got better treatment on a day in an day out basis. In terms of a visit to China, "caveat emptor" is the rule of the day.

Harry in New Jersey