Subject: Re: Considering China
Hello Everyone but especially Debby.

If you are usually an independent traveller but feel the need for a small group tour to go to China, then I can highly recommend Jasmine's China Adventure Tours Way back in 2000 I was in your position and found Jasmine. Her tour seemed exactly what I was looking for but was not cheap and may not be for everyone. I tried everywhich way to find something comparable for less money, then my husband put his foot down and told me to just book it as it "felt right", It did and it was amazing. I can't begin to tell you how wonderfully this trip suited my friend Barbara and I.

Look at Jasmine's website and see what you think. If you are still interested check out the China pages on our website then if you are still interested or if you just want to mull over itineraries etc, feel free to contact me.

I think Harry hit the nail on the head, tours vary enormously and many of the low end ones that you will see advertised in the travel sections of newspapers are little short of enforced shopping trips as the guides are only paid a commission on what you purchase, they make no salary. We did not have a local government guide to accompany us, just Jasmine and her excellent drivers between destinations. Not having to have the enforced government guide was a real plus for me as I had had that experience in Vietnam in the early 90's and didn't want to risk a repeat of that.

Whatever you decide I am sure you will love the China experience.

Regards Sue Waterloo ON