Subject: Re: Considering China
Hi Dot, Harry, Sue and Ziners,

Dot, thanks for mentioning Ritz Tours. At this point I have written to a number of tour companies and am awaiting answers from them. I am surprised that it has already been 2 business days there in the USA and the UK where they are located and so far I have only gotten automated answers that do not relate to my questions!

I have definitely decided on April - because of work, the proposed Sept-Oct trip is now out. Sorry - would have been fun to have a GTG.

Harry, I do agree that too inexpensive is probably not wise, but too expensive is simply not possible. :~0

Sue, the Jasmine Tours do look inviting! Unfortunately the dates are not at all suitable. Thanks for the recommendation. I did very much enjoy your pictures. The Great Wall especially has me all excited to get there NOW :)

Many thanks to all of you for your help. I am still open to ideas and suggestions, although my travel agent tells me that I am going to have to reserve my flights very soon now! Seems that China has become a very popular tourist goal.

Debby - Israel