Subject: Re: The nightmare trip to Ireland
Rosemary, Too bad your flight out was such a nightmare but obviously you enjoyed Ireland.

Other Ziners may have more knowledge about this: regarding your comment that you missed your connector in Chicago, which could have waited for you knowing that you would arrive within a few minutes, this is 'not on'. Pilots have a window of opportunity to get off the ground and if they linger they will miss their place in the queue and will have to wait for another spot which, in a busy airport like Chicago, could be a long time. We learned this in Heathrow when we ran to the departure gate, arriving late from Barcelona, only to find that the gate was closing as we arrived! We had a ten hour layover as a result.

The good news is that you have a generous travel voucher for another trip. The inconveniences of travel sometimes turn out just fine. Lucy, Toronto