Subject: Re: First Class Travel Sleeper
Hello Mary (in Northern California) and Ziners,

Just came back from Japan; used the first class sleeper both ways, it worked wonders. My husband, who was very skeptical when he first saw the merchandise arrived in package, now tells friends who care to listen to get one.

On the outbound the airplane was full, so I used it in a sit-up position. As Dick posted on 8/1/2005, I only inflated it slightly, and slid it down so that it did not extend above the headrest. As soon as I finished blowing air into it, I sat back and opened the valve to let air out until it felt just right - enough air to cushion me in the back but did not take space out of my seats. I also placed an airline pillow between the back of my neck and the first class sleeper; it added comfort and support to my neck.

On the inbound the airplane was less than half-full, so I was able to lie down using the sleeper as a cushion across seats.

Mei-Ching (in Massachusetts)