Subject: 2006 holiday in the US / Greyhound buses
Hi Ziners,

In May/June 2006 we are taking the train from Toronto to Vancouver. From Vancouver we are going to end up in Nebraska before going back to Toronto to return home. Our length of holiday is just over 4 weeks.

My questions are:

1. The best and most interesting way to get to NE. We have about 1 week to do it and wondered about getting the Greyhound bus and stopping off on the way. The route is through Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and I wonder if anyone could suggest places of interest & B&Bs which are worth a stop of a night or two. The whole bus journey would take 48 hours without a stop which is a bit long for sitting in a bus! Other possibilities are flying (boring), driving, or Amtrak from San Francisco. We have already done that journey east to west so the other direction would be different.

2.We could fit in a trip to Vancouver Island first. Could we get to Seattle by ferry from there?

3.Our return from NE to Toronto could be done by bus too or train.we have only seen Chicago Amtrak station & Airport but would like to see more of the city. Any suggestions for a couple of nights there on the way please or any other "must see" between Lincoln NE & Toronto? We love the USA, especially the places off the tourist track, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jan Scotland