Subject: Re: Scared to travel?
Hello everyone,

Rosemary wrote about difficulties at the Yucatan pyramids, this is a problem in South East Asia also. Those temple steps can be very steep. Also they are uneven so us Westerners with modern building codes find a flight of steps with every riser a different height a little tricky. Everyone seems to agree going up is not too bad but coming down is an adventure. It doesn't really matter how undignified you look, practically everyone is in the same boat. At Angkor this spring when it came time to descend I noticed several stairway empty and a huge line up at another. I assumed there was a reason for this and of course that was the stairway with the handrail, I joined the queue. So far I have never chickened out of the climb, I just have to see what's up there, but in my experience it would have been worth the visit even if I had remained below. Go, do what you can and enjoy.

Regards, Sue Waterloo ON