Subject: New Zealand -- tour or indie?
Hi Ziners,

After a lot of indecision about where to take my sabbatical (Eastern Europe, Greece, etc.) I finally laid my miles down for New Zealand. Will be making my way around the North Island on my own, then possibly joining up with an Aventure Center Explorer tour for the South Island.

I've always traveled independently and have never taken a group tour. Any thoughts from those of you who have been to NZ as to how difficlut itwould be to get around the South Island alone on coach and trains? The tour itinerary includes Christchurch, Fox Pass Glacier, Queenstown, an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound, a few days on Stewart Island and finally Dunedin and Mt. Cook. I've always saved a lot of money going it alone, but am not sure of the difficulties getting around in the South, which seems a bit more remote than the north. And it might be nice to be with others after almost a month on my own in the North.

Also, any advice/recommendations about New Zealand would be much appreciated! I'm very happy with my choice and can't wait for the trip.

Best, Didi Massachusetts