Subject: Re: Scared to travel?

I'm not all that keen on heights, altho I find myself climbing mountains & pyramids with alarming regularity.

It's the result that's worth it, whether a 360 degree view from the top of a mountain, or that step back in time you get at the top of a pyramid. So I just psych myself up to the deed & do it. Going up is ok, going down harder. I usually wear a hat with a brim, tilted just so, & I can therefore only see my feet & 3 steps ahead of me. Works every time.

The best was the top of Temple IV at Tikal in an astounding thunder/lightening storm. Wow! Easiest was Teotihuacan outside of Mexico City. Spookiest was climbing up the main temple at Palenque & then slithering down the inside of the ruin to the tomb chamber.

Two I really want to visit again are Lamanai & Caracol in Belize.

The creepy crawlers don't really bother me, nor the snakes. I confess to watching Survivor, especially since it's in Guatemala this time.

Now cold weather? Snow & ice are my worst nightmares, driving or hiking. Shudder.

Gail In Eugene