Subject: Re: Books on China?
Dear Debbie and other ziners,

I pulled my China book list out for a friend that just got back from China and now another friend is planning a trip this summer. It's a long list and I read them all before I went to China. As you can see it's been 10 years since I went.

1. Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord 1981 Fictional history yrs.1893-1970.

2. Empire of Heaven by LindaChing Sledge 1990 Fictional his. of Taiping rebellion yrs.1847-1864.

3. Sun Yat-sen World leaders by Jeffrey Barlow pub.1987 Dec.29,1911 rebels elect Sun prov.pres.of china.general Chaing Kai- Sheck.Mao.PRC

4. China Past-China future Alden R.Carte pub.1994 A good brief history of China

5. China at the crossroads by Donald Altschiller pub 1994 ref. shelf

6. Legacies:A Chinese Mosacic by Bette Bao Lord pub 1990 Short stories of peoples lifes during cultural revolution.

7. Life and death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng pub.1986 personal experience of cult. revolt. husband was former aid to CKS.

8. Wild Swans, three daughters of China by Jung Chang pub.1991

9. Middle heart by Bette Bao Lord

10. Edgar Snow's China picture book a mao follower.

11. China Misperceived by Steve W. Mosher pub.1990 appeared to be objective author.another book Broken earth Jouney to forbidden China

12. The bitter tea of Mao's Red guard by Ivan and Miriam londan

13. China Saga By C.Y. Lee story about chinese opera characters

14. Death in China by William Montalbano fiction murder mystery

15. the Yangzi river Passport books. Description of river.

16. Monsoon Season William Q. Wu MD. A KC. physician tells life story starting when he left China

17. Mandate of Heaven by ORville Schell

18. Iron and silk by Mark Salzman also a movie with same name. teacher goes to China to teach English.

Movies: The Last Emperor 1987 The Sandpebbles 1966 boxer rebellion Raise the red Lantern 1992 story of young third wife The good earth 1936 hollywood movie of good book Pushing hands 1992 mixed marriage in America Farewell My Concubine 1993 story of China and Chinese opera

I tried to read as much and variety to have a better idea of China before I went, I think it worked.

Enjoy, Wilma from KC.