Subject: Re: New Zealand -- tour or indie?
Hi Didi,

Wow - wonderful news! You'll love New Zealand. We've been twice but only to the South Island (natch -for sightseeing and of course, for the hiking!) The South Island has towns which are few and far between. We rented a car both times and filled up wherever there were gas stations as they, too, were few and far between. I know NZ has experienced a great deal of tourism of late, but I think a group might be better as the distances are vast and I am not too sure of the time it would take to travel by oneself on trains.

One town that you might ask them to reconsider is Wanaka. It is new the Fox Glacier and very, very beautiful!!! Also, it has lots of great eats!

Enjoy. I'm glad you'll be going there. When? We have found travel in the Southern Hemisphere to be best in late February/beginning of March when it is very settled - much like our 'end of August, beginning of September.'

Call me if I can help, or email me if you need more help. All the best.

Susie in Newton