Subject: Americas 2005
G'day, íHola! & Aloha Ziners,

Well, we just returned to our winter quarters in Queensland, Australia. After leaving our home June 8 and touring Perth and Melbourne for 3 weeks, we left the Land of Oz June 29, 2005 and returned September 26, 2005. A much too ambitious trip this year, even for us seasoned snowbirds.

We spent almost 2 weeks in Puerto Rico in July; 2 weeks in Louisiana (will New Orleans ever be the same?) and a month in the Bay Area. We finished the majority of the trip with 4 weeks in Panama. We are going to rest up until our next trip to Vietnam & Cambodia next January.

Airport security is getting more strict, it seems, on each trip we take. We are grateful for the sense of security this provides, but the delays now require much more time to be allocated between connecting flights!

We plan on putting up some individual travelogues in the near future. At present we are building some web pages so we don't forget what we saw.

Happy and safe traveling to all. Marghe and Marty