Subject: Re: Greece in April
Hi all,

Just to put my 2 cents worth in, I would shy away from Greece in April with the exception of Easter which is quite a sight in Athens - amazing - I can vouch for that!!

However, the 'meltemi' is still about in the Aegean (the wind) and rain is still very likely. Also, the ferries do not go on their 'summer schedule' until mid-May so it's very hard to go between the islands until this happens. Once the ferries start, the fast boats (catamarans called Flying Dolphins) will take you to main islands in a snap, and everyone returns to the islands from their winter digs in Athens or elsewhere so restaurants, bars and 'Rent Studios' plus many hotels will be closed until then - especially on the tiny, wonderful islands. Until mid-June, one is really somewhat 'alone' on the small islands and not too squished with the throngs on the large islands (with the exception of the Peloponnesus - which is technically part of the mainland; connected by a bridge now. It's always crowded.)

Best to all, Susie Newton, MA