Subject: Re: Israel Going-Ons End of November
Hi Ziners,

Reggie asked about restaurants and places to visit on a visit to Israel.

What part of the country will you be in? Have you been to the BaHai Temple and gardens near Haifa?

Have you eaten at the Spaghettim restaurant (newly refurbished and relocated) in Jerusalem?

Have you visited the Nabatean archeological remains in the Negev?

The new digs under the Western Wall (e.g."The City of David") in Jerusalem?

Attended the Sound and Light Show at Masada?

As for special museum/art exhibits, it's a bit early to know. If you want to write to me and remind me about 2 weeks before you arrive, I'll be happy to check on that for you. It not being tourist high season, I doubt if there will be very much going on at that time.

Welcome again to Israel and enjoy your visit! Debby - Israel