Subject: Help with Moscow to St. Petersburg
Greetings fellow travelers,

My wife and I are looking at traveling to Russia this summer. We would like to see Moscow and Saint Petersburg and are not sure if it is better to travel by train or boat between the two cities....anyone have any suggestions or advise they will share?

We don't necessarily want an all inclusive tour as we enjoy the adventure of travel. Due to the language barrier, do want the security of some travel arrangements, (housing/transportation) made ahead of time. Once in our housing, we are comfortable striking out and exploring on our own.

We are experienced travelers having traveled around China, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the USA, (and off to Guatemala this March!).

The INTERNET is a great tool for finding travel sites and gaining information, but can't replace the insight, suggestions and advise that others who have gone before us can provide.

Thanks fellow Ziners, Frank Garcia in California