Subject: Re: Israel Going-Ons End of November
Ziners & Debbie & Bettina -

I will be staying in Hod HaSharon and either renting a car or borrowing my friend's car.

Thank you for your input. Yad V'Shem was on my list. The Islamic Museum does sound interesting. And thank you for reminding me about the BaHai Temple as the last time I tried to visit the Temple and Gardens were closed.

Will remember the Spaghettim restaurant when I'm in Jerusalem.

And my friends will take us to a great falafel restaurant in Hod HaSharon. And their daughter who just left here after a 2 week visit, has told us that their Babka (yeast cake) is better than Zaro's Chocolate Babka which I bought for the holidays.

And on top of our list is to replenish my husband's supply of sunflower seeds.

Again thank you.

Reggie NYC