Subject: Re: Red Centre Australia
Hi Gail and Ziners,

Gail asked if the helicopter trip over the Olgas and the shuttle bus to Ayers rock are worth her while...

This is of course a matter of opinion. IMO it is *much* nicer to walk the path into Kata Tjuta (Olga Gorge Walk) and to discover the surprise at the end of it. This is not a long or difficult walk - 2 Km. maybe 1/2 an hour each way. Parts of it built up with a wooden boardwalk, parts on the natural rough rocks (no climbing involved). It is easily accessible by tourist bus.

I took a tourist 2-day bus tour from Alice after visiting the Desert Park there. It took us first to Kata Tjuta, then on to Uluru (Ayers Rock) for the sunset. Slept in the Ayers Rock Resort - choice of accommodations and prices. The same tour took us the next morning to see sunrise over Uluru, and the Liru walk (2 Km, 1/2 hour each way) to see the cave drawings and then on to the airport.

The bus trip across the red desert was marvelous! Two stops along the way for photos. One I blew up and it is on my wall now. The sight is awesome, inspiring and overwhelming - and I come from a desert country!

I really think that you would miss a lot flying around and not getting the feel and the atmosphere of the desert, Kata Tjuta and Uluru.

Photos of this trip:

Whatever you decide - Have Fun! Debby - Israel