Subject: Re: St Petersburg to Moscow
Hi ,

Frank Garcia asked about which way to travel between these two cities. I would like to suggest to Frank that he consider how important comfort is relating to travel. Boat travel would be the better choice for comfort.

My wife and I used the train between the two cities in 1994, along with train travel to Kiev, Ukraine and can tell you that their first class travel is not to our standards - but is bearable.

One important point is if you choose to use the train, book a private space. It only costs a few more dollars, but is well worth it.

As for scenery, if you like to look out and watch a lot of trees, then you will like the day time train trip, however, we chose to travel at night and don't feel we missed anything of any great importance.

St Petersburg is a very interesting place to visit as is Moscow. Bring along your own supply of snacks and enjoy.!

Warm Regards, Ted Margulis Palm Desert, CA