Subject: June, 2006 in SouthEast Asia
Hello Fellow Ziners,

A friend and I will be travelling through either Bangkok or Singapore to Kunming, China at the end of May, 2006. On the return trip we will have a free stopover, and my choice of which city to route through will be influenced by your tips as to: weather at that time of year (it will be June); destinations which offer snorkeling, beautiful beaches, nature and cultural experiences, and are relatively pollution free.

I understand that June is usually a humid, hot time, with rains starting. What I would appreciate knowing is whether there are locations accessible via either Bangkok or Singapore in which the weather is likely to be cooler or less rainy and humid.

Any suggestions as to memorable destinations will be appreciated, and will help me plan our three weeks in that part of the world.

Thanks! Terry in West Vancouver, B.C.