Subject: Re: VISA insurance coverage for rental car accident
Hi Anne,

Your letter was very encouraging since I've been in the middle of exactly the same situation with Visa and Europcar since June. My last communication with the Visa Enhancement Services people was that they were, this Friday, going to make a third attempt using a French-speaking agent to get the detailed repair information from Europcar. Your letter gives me hope that I'll be reimbursed for the $373US that I was charged for a very small dent. (A couple of years ago when I was charged $35 for a small windshield ding by Enterprise in England, they very promptly provided the repair details when asked.)

I have an additional problem with Europcar for a rental last month that I'm also dealing with. After receiving a copy of their final bill in the mail I found that they charged me 402.74 Euros instead of the 337.31 Euros I expected from my original voucher. One thing I noticed is that they are claiming that I returned the car at 3:58 p.m., which would have been a good trick since my flight left at 1:00 p.m. When I returned the car at about 9:00 a.m. the woman in the airport kiosk (who was all alone with a long line of people waiting) said all I needed to do was drop off the key. That'll teach me a lesson about returning cars to Europcar I guess I've become complacent after returning many cars at US airports.

Since I always rent cars in Europe through the Gemutlichkeit newsletter people (who quoted me the original price and provided me with the original voucher), I'm hoping they will stand behind their rental service and get me the reimbursement for the September overcharge.


Al Sonoma, CA, USA