Subject: Re: VISA insurance coverage for rental car accident
Hi Anne, Art, Al and Lucy

I am wondering - if you have CDW coverage through your Visa card as well as purchasing coverage from the car rental company, doesn't the coverage from the car rental company kick in first? Also, does or doesn't a chipped windshield or small dent count as CDW?

We had a small problem in Edinburgh. We managed to deflate a tire by banging it on the high curb and scratched the wheel cover on our rental car. Our B&B owner suggested we check with a local garage first rather than going to the company that the car rental company required. The garage (actually a tire dealer) tested the tire in a water bath and retested it the next day. Nothing wrong, thank goodness! And no charge for replacing the tire or any of the service. Our B&B owner suggested we go to the Vauxhall dealership to get a new wheel cover - just 10 pounds. We are so glad that we were able to deal with this without resorting to our CDW coverage.

We have rented from Auto Europe twice. They certainly had the best prices when you look at all the extras. Auto Europe doesn't actually rent cars themselves. I guess they should run interference for us as customers but the real problem seems to me to be the auto rental companies.

Frances Toronto, Canada