Subject: Re: VISA insurance coverage for rental car accident

We always rent Europcar and had an experience in the Pyrenees when a small pebble pitted the windshield... We also took Travelguard Insurance (which we always do too.) This turned out to be a life saver as apparently we were not covered with the windshield. (We were told that tires and windshields are not covered.) In any event, the 'pit' in the windshield bleed and moved across the whole windshield.

We took photos at every stage since there was to be no police report. We also called Travelguard from France. When we returned home, we submitted the paid Visa statement, along with a letter of what happened along with all of the photos and Travelguard reimbursed us in full. I would check fully into tires and windshield's with every auto rental agency. They may all be different. I hope this helps,

Regards, Susie Newton, MA