Subject: Re: VISA insurance coverage for rental car accident

A few extra details on the situation I faced with Auto Europe (through Budget) at Munich airport. The VISA had at the time was CIBC Aerogold. For it's insurance coverage to be valid you must decline the auto rental CDW coverage. Because I was going to eastern europe I purchased CDW planning to do all insurance through the car company (I was nervous about being able to communicate and get enough information to satisfy VISA should something happen in this (great!) part of the world. The Auto Europe deal came with a deductible with the option to reduce it by paying extra to the people who rented the car (in this case Budget). If my memory is right the ded. was about 600Eur. Budget offered me an option to reduce to zero but the rate was very high ---- a large% of the ded. amount so I said not thanks I'll take my chances. Car checked in and passed all inspections ----- alleged rock chip was right in drivers field of view so I would have known about it ------ pictures they sent only showed water marks. In any case, replace a windshield because of a small pit mark?????Get serious!!! They were estimating about 650 Eur as the cost.

My experience with Visa on my one and only claim was satisfactory but took a long time and I had to rely on the communication I had with their agent at the time in which I explained the reasons why I would not be able to submit a police report.

Art in Vancouver