Subject: Marco Island Recovery
Hello Ziners,

I'm hoping that someone in southwest Florida is back online and can give me some up-to-date information and projections. We had been planning a trip with relatives (condo rental) to Marco Island arriving November 26th. Unfortunately their dates are not flexible and they would definitely prefer Marco Island to areas further north.

We've been scanning the Naples Daily News/Marco Sun Times etc. but information is rather general in nature. I do understand both the power situation and water systems are tentative at the moment, but we're assuming that all will be in order by the end of the month. I'm sure that you dear folks in the area hope so too!!

We have not made reservations yet, pending further information as to hurricane recovery. I know in previous years they rented on S. Collier -- South Seas I believe. If any Ziners have recent info regarding the potential for this area being ready to receive tourists by the end of November, I'd appreciate a reply.

Thanks Anne, Burlington ON