Subject: Canada Help
Greetings Ziners,

Thank you to all for the info on Via Rail. As we try to further refine and plan our trip to Canada we are interested in several cities. Unfortunately we will only have time for maybe two beyond Toronto.

Currently we are looking at Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City as they all seem accessible by Via Rail and offer air service back to Philadelphia. In our travels we have met many people with many opinions, however through the Travelzine we have received better info. Any suggestions for both Arts & Culture, Museums and local dining would be helpful.

And of course a GTG in any and all cities, as we still hold fond memories of our GTG in Toronto July 2003. Our tentative travel has us departing Philly at the end of June with 5 nights in Toronto including at least one baseball game. We will then have 4-5 more days to travel and explore other cities.

Thanks to all, Vince & Gerry in Philadelpia