Subject: Our France trip
Hi Ziners:

Thanks for all the tips we received. We're back from a month in Paris. Thanks particularly to Candice for "Astrance", Rue Beethoven 01 40 50 8440, expensive but incredible. Three waiters on our table, constant attention to detail and the most gourmet food, citron-pepper sorbet as an amuse -bouche and a seafood dish containing every mushroom conceived by nature. Our second favorite was one we found in the 7th arrondisement, "Le Bistro de Paris", 33 rue de Lille, less expensive, wonderful food and a jumping atmosphere. Sorry,Candice, but we were not thrilled with "Lou Pescadou". Mediocre for us on that occasion.

A brief on our experience. We rented a gorgeous apartment on Rue de Rennes with a complete gourmet kitchen, living and dining room, thrilling views of the Eiffel tower lit up at night and balconies on every side. However, as we don't cook and didn't entertain at the apartment, we'would rather go back to staying at a fine hotel with good service.

We visited a number of museums, in addition to D'Orsay, and Cluny, we viewed the Carnavalet and Maison de Victor Hugo in the Marais. Had a really excellent lunch at a restaurant called "Baracane: Bistrot de L'oulette" at 38 Rue de Tournelles tel.# 01 42 71 4333 in the Marais. Lighter than traditional French. An really escellent cassoulet!

We must recommend an incredible museum that is often ignored: the Museum de Nissim Camando in the Park Monceau area. An absolutely fabulous collection of 18th century furniture and artworks, early tapestries, etc. Equal, or nearly so, in our estimation, to the Frick in N.Y. The story of its creation is equally fascinating, which you will find in most of the guide books.

A few blocks away on, we believe, Av. de Hoche, (almost certain, but not quite,) is a brasserie called "Brasserie de Valois". Excellent lunch, reasonable. Utilized exclusively by the local business people and executives. Lively,crowded and friendly. Get there about 12:00 if you can, as shortly after noon it is full.

We were lucky enough to get box seats at the elegant Palais Garnier for the ballet...a great experience. We also got to the fascinating "Institute du Monde Arabe" on rue des Fosses St. Bernard that also has a lovely tearoom and gift shop. We had dinner at "Moissonniere", a charming traditional restaurant, half a block from the museum at #28 on the same street.

By the way, if anyone needs a dentist in Paris we can recommend Dr. Claude Gauthier on Av. Hoche in the 14th arrondisement. He was trained in the U.S., was charming, efficient and reasonable and had the most advanced dental equipment we have ever seen. It was a very positive experience. Barbara had an emergency and he was recommended... she was so pleased

Lastly, we are so disturbed by the current situation as we had just returned from Dijon and Grenoble and had such a wonderful experience. In Dijon, lodging at the Sofitel and dining at "La Dame d'Acquitaine" excellent restaurant situated in....a 13th century crypt....charming.... no kidding! Dijon is a lovely, fascinating little city.

Don and Barbara in Los Angeles