Subject: Train to / from Charles de Gaulle airport
Hi Ziners,

As I'm sure you have all read and seen on TV, France has been rocked by rioting in and around public housing projects. Most of the rioting has taken place in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, but has now extended to many cities and towns.

The US embassy has wisely recommended that if you are traveling to Paris via Charles de Gaulle airport you should not use the RER commuter train to Paris. It runs through the area most affected by the disturbances. For the time being at least take a bus (Air France or Roissybus) or a taxi.

It is very sad what is happening in France right now. The frustrations of many poor, uemployed youths and young adults have erupted in violence. Let's all hope some sanity and wise political leadership can end the violence and deal with the underying problems of France's "banlieus".

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris