Subject: Re: Canada Help
Hi Vince, You've received some good advice for the Montreal bit of your trip, especially from Montrealer Peter. Montreal is my home town, Ottawa is a place we visit often to see family, and Quebec City is simply charming. So it's a tough choice.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Montreal on VIA and can offer up some advice: book early through the internet. Usually I travel on Via 1 but when I booked (a month before departure), that category was sold out so I had to travel on the "cheap seats". It was fine. Once you've booked, and arrive in Toronto from Philly, go to an e-kiosk in Union Station and print off your ticket. No fuss; no muss; no line-up. VIA 1 offers meals, but personally I think these aren't worth the money. There are many restaurants in the area of Union Station, including those in the Royal York Hotel, that will prepare a lunch box for you. This is what I do. At Central Station in Montreal, there is a wonderful take-out shop (near track 19) where you can buy food to bring on board.

With only 4-5 days outside of Toronto, you may find that visiting Montreal will take all of your time. However, if you absorb cities quickly, then it's a tough choice between Quebec City and Ottawa. Both have their charms. QC has historic sites; Ottawa is a bit more formal and will be relatively quiet in early July (except for the Canada Day festivities).

Looking forward to a GTG in June 2006 with you and Gerry. Lucy, Toronto