Subject: Re: Israel, Jordan, Egypt
Hi Ziners,

Simon and I and another couple are planning our first trip to Israel, Jordan & Egypt next September. Although the recent terrorist attacks in Jordan are giving us great cause for concern, we have decided to persevere at this point and begin to plan in earnest. We need help - big time!!!!

We have absolutely no idea where to start. We think that we would like to spend a few days in Jerusalem, a week or so in the rest of Israel, a few days in Jordan especially Petra and somewhere in Egypt. The total time away should be between 14 and 18 days. I have bought an eye witness guide book entitled "Jerusalem and the Holy Land" and I have become thoroughly fascinated with the history, culture, religions and depth this area has to offer. I am truly inspired.

We are open to any and all suggestions and would love feedback, pro & con, on any of our potential destinations. We are not interested in any kind of group tour but feel that we will probably need the help of a guide everywhere except in Jerusalem. The safety question is looming large and we would love opinions on this subject. We normally travel in September and we are concerned that perhaps it may be too hot - any opinions please. Our timing will bring us home before the holidays.

We would be grateful for any and all information.

Felice Toronto, Ontario CANADA