Subject: Re: Eight days in Florence
Hi Harry, (et al)

We just returned from 3 weeks in Tuscany, and we had a villa in Lastra a Signa just outside of Firenze and went in and out of the city frequently.

I would suggest catching the train or bus down to Sienna- it is only about 50 miles away and they run frequently enough to make this a very easy and flexible day trip.

If you were going to be driving at all I would suggest some trips to towns that are NOT tourist destinations, like Volterra or Montepulcino (and Piensa) which are quite delightful.

There is enough in Florence alone to keep you going for a good five days. Skip Pisa... it is worth about an hour of time only if you are already in the neighborhood (like visiting Lucca).

If you want to visit the Carmingano wine country immediately west of Firenze and would like a good lunch or dinner, restaurant Da Delfina in Artimino is quite delightful.

Jim, Salt Lake