Subject: Re: Israel, Jordan, Egypt
Hi Felice and other Ziners!

As you plan your trip, remember that many other Middle East countries will not honor passports with an Israeli stamp, so you might want to do that last. I think Jordan and Egypt aren't problems as they recognize Israel.

I'm just back from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan and there were no security problems. Just don't stay at 4* hotels which the terrorists seem to prefer. And from my experience, things should be quiet right after a big attack when the police are out and about. I might be concerned about Israel; you need to check with Bettina, one of the Ziners on this list. But then you can get run over by a truck in front of your house!

Allow at least two days for Petra; it is well worth the time. Lots of walking and climbing - but you can also rent a donkey. But drop dead gorgeous. Try to do Petra at Night; it's a little touristy but worth it. You might want to take the time to brouse around Wadi Rum - desert area - and check out The Dead Sea.

Abu Simbel just below Aswan would be my must for Egypt. I also loved the time spent in Alexandra. I'm sure you have the Pyramids, Luxor and all the usual on your list.

I usually stay in 3* hotels; they may not be as nice as the Hiltons of the world, but you are less of a target there. I also find people in the Middle East welcoming - and forgiving - of Westerners, even Americans. As Canadians, you shouldn't have any problem - you are not out stirring up the world's manure.

Let me know if I can give more specific info. But do go and don't sweat the security concerns. Just be cautious, courteous and dress down.

Enjoy! Jo in cloudy Sunnyvale, No CA