Subject: Re: Israel, Jordan, Egypt
Hi Felice,

Welcome to Israel!

About the passport stamp. You'll not have any problems with an Israeli stamp in Jordan or in Egypt. We have a peace with them for years!

About the taxi to Jerusalem. You can take the Nesher service taxi for about US$10 per person. When it fills 10 people it departures and brings you directly to your hotel.

Driving in Israel is ok - anyway, it's much easier than in Italy or some other Mediterranean country. Though, you still have to be careful because the drivers are not always polite.

About the terror. It's not so dangerous, especially in the touristy areas. And today, the fear of violence can prevent us from visiting Paris, NY, Istanbul, Madrid and so on. And will we?! Of course not! So, just drop these fears off.

A few days in Jerusalem is good idea, becuase this city is full of striking sites. Than you need a time for the North (Haifa, Acko, Tiberian lake, Golan heights, Beit-Shean's Roman temples and more) and also for the Dead Sea's area where you can have also a nice mud baths in one of hotels. I'd recommend you to stay there for a night or two and to make some excursions to see the wonderful "sand palaces" of the Judea desert and Mazada! The city of Eilar worth a visit as well with a great Timna park and the world's northern- most coral reef.

In Jordan I'd recommend you a trip to Petra, Vadi Rum and Jerash.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel