Subject: Re: Renault / Peugot re-buy
Dear Lucy (and all you Ziners),

Happy to explain about the "rebuy" program.

Basically, you want to be leasing for at least three weeks. The rates are /much/ better than equivalent car leases in Italy (about $5-600 for us on medium-sized Renault or Peugot (407)). Best of all, though, is that there are no hidden charges, drop-off fees, etc, and ALL liability is covered in the standard charge. You simply pick your car up at the airport, and meet a rep on your return and practically toss the keys to them. It is that easy.

You have to reserve /at least/ four weeks in advance, and I recommend starting as early as possible to try to get the make and model you actually want. I started exactly four weeks out, and was trying initially for a Peugot 407 diesel station wagon and ended up with a Renault Laguna sedan, 6-cyl gas- not bad, but clearly not what I really wanted.

You can pick up and drop off your car at dozens of places in France, and several other places in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Our friends got theirs in Zurich; in Italy your choices are Rome and Milan-Malpensa.

Hope this is helpful. Check out the website for other details:

Regards, Jim, Salt Lake