Subject: Re: Renting a Renault
Hi Ziners!

Six years ago, my wife and I spent six months in France, and we rented a Renault for that period of time. We rented, or rather leased, it through Renault USA. We were extremely pleased, and I can't recommend the program enough (assuming its high quality of customer service hasn't changed).

I was very pleased with the car, a Clio, and with Renault. (Especially, when I had a fairly major accident -- another car almost tore off the door when I opened it on a narrow street. Renault took care of everything without a hitch.)

You can make the arrangements in the US. Check out this Web site:

I can heartily recommend the program, if you are planning to keep the car for more than three weeks (which I believe is the minimum time).

Bons voyages et bonne route! Evan (happily car-less) in Paris